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Develop09; APB could come to the PS3

Submitted by DolphGB on Wednesday, 15 July 20093 Comments

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apb enforcers Develop09; APB could come to the PS3David Jones of Realtime Worlds gave a keynote speech at the Develop Conference this morning in Brighton, UK.

During the impressive session, he showed the technology behind their forthcoming title, APB. This open world ‘cops and robbers’ game looks impressive, as is the server-based technology behind it.

But the question on our lips was the most obvious – could this PC-based MMO come to the PS3?

APB game takes place in a modern-day, fictional city where there is a constant battle between “Law Enforcement” and “Gangs”. Players, who can customise their look to the highest degree we’ve seen in any game, will need to decide which side they want to be on, and the matchmaking system allows for hardened criminals to face an ever increasing number of enforcement players.

Other activities include missions within the game that allow the player to earn extra money, which then can be used to upgrade weapons, vehicles and character appearances.

We spoke to David after his keynote speech and discussed whether this PC-based MMO could come to console gamers in the future.

“There is no technical reason why we couldn’t bring this game to the Xbox 360 and the PS3. We want to establish the game first and ensure everything is moving forward in the right manner.” – David Jones, Realtime Worlds

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So APB could come to the PS3 in the future. On asking if the decision to do this was solely business-oriented, David confirmed that there was no reason that APB couldn’t make it to our favourite black monolith in the future.

From what we’ve seen of the game so far, our fingers are firmly crossed.

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  • CaptainMurdo says:

    I want APB on the PS3 because it’s wonderful article has given me the chance to win some wonderful merchandise. It also gives a greater chance of semi-naked women to be seen on the PS3.

  • Tiran Kenja says:

    I want APB on the PS3 because you never get too old to play cops and robbers never. But as you get older playing it from the couch is more convenient.

  • NickColley says:

    I want APB on the PS3 because the chance to play a game where you can be part of the mafiosa and play the super mario theme to all my victims sounds mighty fine :)

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