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Battlefield 1943 is The Dark Knight of PSN

Submitted by Majiesto on Friday, 24 July 20092 Comments

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Battlefield 1943When The Dark Knight was released in theaters, it shattered most records including biggest opening day, weekend, and July release. What does this have to do with Battlefield 1943 you ask? Well, the downloadable title is well on its way to claiming the same records.

Since its launch on July 8th, Battlefield 1943 has sold over 600,000 total copies via the PSN and Xbox Live. This puts the game as the fastest selling day one and week one download only title on the PSN.

Given that it only took eight days for gamers to reach 43 million kills and unlock the Coral Sea map, we’re not surprised with these records at all. We imagine the numbers will continue to rise and that Battlefield 1943 will have a place in all our hearts/consoles.

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  • Axe99 says:

    Really enjoyed BF1943, but with the squad and custom game system effectively broken, I’m getting a little tired of running aruond like a headless chook and not being able to easily meet up with mates. Surprised that DICE messed up such an integral component of an online shooter, given their history.

  • Bibby321 says:

    I think this game is great, the comms system is what they need to fix before anything else.

    All i say when I’m on there is ‘Are you there?….Can you here me?’

    Gets annoying after a while.

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