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Battlefield 1943 Comes Out Fighting Next Week

Submitted by on Friday, 3 July 20092 Comments


EA’s DICE are the well-loved creators of the (recently confirmed) Mirror’s Edge franchise. It is no secret that there are those of us in the team who simply love this title.

As a result, we have studied the team’s next title, Battlefield 1943, with a distinct sense of growing excitement.

Imagine, therefore, our delight when we discovered earlier today that the release date of the game is far sooner than we thought?

Due out in just one week (July 9th to you and me), DICE’s Battlefield 1943 represents a re-imagining of the original Battlefield 1942, which gave rise to the entire series.

The spiritual son of BF 1942 will have some major alterations to it, mainly to provide a more accessible experience to the gamer. This means that there will be just three classes to choose between; Scout, Infantry and Rifleman.

The classes will be the same for both factions – US Marine Corps and Japanese Imperial Army. Over and above the classes, players will be able to get stuck in via the integration of vehicles.


A crystal clear ocean: perfect for sending enemies into!

Fighter planes, tanks and even landing craft will be making the lineup, which should ensure some great battles in one of the four available maps.

Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Wake Island and Coral Sea will provide the stunning backdrop to the fighting, and are all looking really rather stunning. Needless to say, the tactics will vary hugely between the maps – Coral Sea looks like it will be mostly aerial, for example.

With Warhawk getting a bit long in the tooth (though none the less enjoyable for it), could BF 1943 step in and steal the crown?

We aren’t the betting sort, but we wouldn’t mind placing a wager on an unbridled success for the game.

At the very least we’ll see your parachute as you bail out at 20,000 feet having been shot to bits by us, anyway! Check out the release trailer up top and let us know what you reckon. Doubtless we will see you online…

Battlefield 1943 will be available on the PSN as of Thursday July 9th for just £9.99/$15/€12.99.