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BioWare “pumped” to be working on PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 July 2009One Comment

Dragon Age OriginsTraditionally associated with developing games in cahoots with Microsoft, now that EA own BioWare lock, stock and barrel, the boys from BioWare have rolled up their sleeves and tackled the challenge that is PS3 development head first.

Talking to VideoGamer, BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk has commented on what it has been like for the team to cut their teeth on the new hardware and, unlike some other studios who seem to shirk away from the task at hand, have actually enjoyed getting their hands dirty with PS3 development.

Rather than bemoan the difficulties associated with new technology, Greg reveals that the team were actually eager to get their hands on it, stating:

“People on the team were really pumped to work on it. They were like, wow. We have a lot of people that like doing new stuff and trying new things, and they were like, wow another platform, can’t wait! It’s been good.”

BioWare’s first game for the PS3 will be the fantasy themed Dragon Age: Origins. Commenting on how the game is holding up on the PS3 compared to that of the 360, Zeschuk admits that, while it took some time for the PS3 version to “catch up”, this was only because they were so familiar with the 360’s architecture. Now, he’s happy to say, the games are graphically comparable with, obviously, somethings like lighting and brightness looking a little different on one platform than on the other.

Confirming that the studio bears no anti-Sony sentiments, the CEO explains why only one BioWare title has appeared on Sony’s hardware.

“We only did one PS2 game – MDK2 on PS2. It’s not like we have anything against Sony by any stretch. It’s just that from a publishing perspective we worked with Microsoft for five years – that made it so easy to focus on Xbox and we didn’t have to worry about the PlayStation platforms. But now, since being part of EA, it just makes complete sense. It’s something we’re totally behind.”

Contrary to the usual gripes developers have when it comes to developing games on the PS3, Zeschuk claims the hardware has been “actually not bad” to work on and even mentions that the team had some extra graphics memory left over on the PS3 version. Dutifully they threw some audio tasks at the surplus. Waste not, want not as they say.

Dragon Age: Origins will be released on October 20th.