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Relentless announce Blue Toad Murder Files

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 July 20092 Comments

Blue Toad Murder FilesSpeaking to‘s Kath Brice, Relentless Software’s Andrew Eades and David Amor have revealed their plans to add a little mystery to the PSN this winter.

Announcing their new episodic title Blue Toad Murder Files, Andrew and David also reveal how their future plans include widening their horizons into the domain of self-publishing with the PSN murder mystery exclusive being the first of what could be many titles from the company.

Best known for their hugely successful Buzz! titles, Relentless’ aspirations outside of the popular question and answer franchise should come as little surprise. After all, how many quiz packs can you put out before you start thinking of directing your efforts towards something new and different?

Describing Blue Toad Murder Files as an Agatha Christie / Sherlock Holmes type affair, David explains the rationale behind the game:

I think it’s been done a great deal in TV and books and movies, but it hasn’t been covered that much in videogames and it’s an area we wanted to tackle. It’s an interesting genre to try and realise.

Regarding the genre’s accessibility to gamers casual and hardcore alike, David continues:

What I like about a murder mystery game is that when you stick someone in front of it, everyone knows how that game works because they’ve seen it a thousand times on the telly. People know all about alibis and motives and all this stuff. We don’t have to explain it.

With it’s quirky title and the pedigree of the team, we doubt this is a Silent Hill type blood fest and more something all the family can enjoy. After all, what family doesn’t enjoy some good old-fashioned murder and mystery?

The rest of the interview is an insightful read and covers how, rather than balk at the idea of a studio they have such close ties with going down the self-publishing road, Sony were nothing but supportive in their endeavours.

We’ll report more on Blue Toad Murder Files as new information about the downloadable title becomes available. In the meantime, if you are looking for some more tidbits, check out the official site.