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First Borderlands gameplay video: “The RPG and FPS made a baby”

Submitted by on Saturday, 25 July 20092 Comments

BorderlandsGearbox Software have released the first gameplay trailer of their aesthetically divergent FPS-with-benefits Borderlands.

Through screenshots we’ve already seen how the game follows a different path in terms of visual style, but now we get to gush over just what a Mad Max-esque world painted with strong colours and deep lines actually looks like in motion.

The footage also highlights the game’s unique slant on the FPS genre and how certain role playing aspects will feature. This merging of game types has us excited as if there’s one thing we don’t need right now – it’s another generic shooter.

Check out the video below and prepare for a heft dollop of Awesomesauce. We also get a look at some four player co-op action, the proprietary custom weapon system and a dancing robot. All to a fantastic beat and in the style of a Guy Ritchie movie.

With publisher 2K Games recently declaring this fall as open season for all good games to come out and vie for gamers’ attention, after checking out this latest footage, we can certainly see why they’re so confident.