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Borderlands opens up October 20th/23rd

Submitted by Brodiesan on Thursday, 23 July 2009One Comment

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BorderlandsSeemingly unperturbed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s apparent grip on the holiday season, 2K Games have confirmed that cel-shaded FPS with a twist, Borderlands, will hit North America on October 20th and “elsewhere” 72 hours later.

Isn’t that the same period some other high profile publishers are pulling their games from?

It’s refreshing to see that the publisher of this new take on a trusted genre is somewhat buoyant at the prospects of going up against some of the big hitters.

Speaking to GameSpot, 2K Games’ president Christoph Hartmann actually thinks the end of this year is a great time to release a new IP.

“I don’t think we have to be afraid of competition or shy of what’s out there. I think this holiday season is a little bit lighter in triple-A games than last year. It’s actually a good holiday to put something out. There’s always risk and opportunity. The risk is you have a hard time standing out against established IP. The opportunity is you have a lot of traffic here and it can be a much bigger product at retail than it would be otherwise.”

Did you hear that Bayonetta, BioShock 2 and Max Mayne 3? It’s a good holiday to put something out.

Of course, let’s see how Borderlands sells before we declare Hartmann the next Nostradamus.

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