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Burn Zombie Burn! DLC; designer hints at Japanese adventure next up for Bruce?

Submitted by on Friday, 31 July 2009One Comment

Burn Zombie Burn!We covered the new undead themed Burn Zombie Burn! Home space yesterday as part of our regular Homerun feature, but what of other updates in the land of Bruce and his massive chin?

Not ones to simply sit back and bask in the glory of what has been universally acclaimed as a great and addictive PSN title, it appears the guys over at Doublesix have been hard at work expanding the Burn Zombie Burn! universe.

Apart from two new levels placing Bruce on a UFO soon to be on offer as (affordable, we’re assured) DLC, the studio also has some other great updates like custom soundtrack support and YouTube video uploading functionality on the way.

We decided to get in touch with senior designer Ollie Barder and ask some quick-fire questions about the upcoming DLC and what lies ahead for the future of the game.

[PS3 Attitude] Releasing DLC for a game is usually a good sign that the original has sold pretty well. How has Burn Zombie Burn! performed in terms of sales projections? Have more people picked it up than originally anticipated?

[Ollie Barder] Well, I’m only a mere designer but people in the loftier managerial strata have been making encouraging noises – so I think it’s been doing well enough to keep them happy. I know we’ve sold close to 80,000 already though and that it’s climbing steadily everyday in terms of sales, which is great obviously, but as for whether any of this was anticipated it’s hard to say. Digital distribution is a bit like the Wild West at the moment, as access to meaningful sales data isn’t widely available which makes the subsequent budgeting very tricky obviously. That said, we’re all very glad we got a good game out there that’s still selling well.

[PS3A] The game was received extremely well. I don’t think I’ve read anything but positive reviews in fact. What’s your reaction to how the game has been received by the industry and gamers alike?

[OB] In the studio we all try and make games that we want to play ourselves, so it’s nice to know that our tastes and insight into gaming are widely held and appreciated.

[PS3A] You’ve announced some new DLC levels and Bruce is going to space. We feel the alien theme fits really well with the B-movie vibe of Burn Zombie Burn!. Where next for Bruce?

[OB] That would be telling but I do know that Bruce will have to get used to the taste of raw fish in the near future.

[PS3A] We noticed that there are no new weapons for the UFO levels yet there are new zombies. Can we expect some new destructive toys to play with in the future?

[OB] For the time being, the DLC we’ll be releasing will predominantly feature new levels and challenges (as well as new music by the wonderful Ian Livingstone).

[PS3A] You mention on the EU blog that there are some new modes for the whole game in the works. Can you describe some of these new challenges?

[OB] I can announce that another patch is in the works that will add new functionality for the core game that people have already purchased. Specifically a new mode, called Survival, and various difficulty settings. The new Survival mode will also carry over to the two new In Space levels.

Our thanks to Ollie for taking the time to answer our spur of the moment questions. The new “In Space” Burn Zombie Burn! DLC is expected to hit shortly with further DLC planned in the coming months.

We’re intrigued at Ollie’s suggestion of Bruce getting used to eating raw fish. We’re assuming the chinned hero is bound for the Land of the Rising Sun. Either that or a local dockland infested with zombie sharks.