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Castle Crashers coming to PSN

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 July 2009One Comment

castlecrasherps3Castle Crashers has been a bit of a ‘diamond in the rough’ on Xbox Live Arcade since it became available for download last August.

The game, best described as a 2D sideways scrolling brawler, has even managed minor cult status, along with the obligatory ‘fan art’ movement, thanks to the quirky art style and characters.

Now, Castle Crashers is coming to the PSN and if you’re in San Diego at Comic-con, you can get your hands on the game at the event.

Castle Crashers is the story of four knights who have to rescue their respective princesses, and includes a small number of role-playing game elements. Players can buy items for healing, attacking or defense using coins gained from defeated foes, and arena levels allow players to take on challenges that will unlock additional characters. There is also a co-op mode where the arena battle turns into a player versus player match.

As you damage enemies you gain that most ubiquitous of gaming currencies, ‘xp’, which then allows you to level up four separate attributes. Each attribute can level up to 99, so be prepared to put a lot of hours into creating the ultimate knight!

The PS3 version will be the same as the existing Xbox version, but with the usual tweaks including Trophy support. No release date has been offered yet, but check out the video below from GameSpot to get an early fix…