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CLEAR! PlayStation Network Getting Its PULSE Back

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 July 20092 Comments

psn_pulseWe were scared for a moment there.  After a brief hiatus from the special E3 editions of PULSE, presented by the PlayStation Network, brings life back to the cold digital PlayStation world.

Battlefield 1943, the free “Sacktue of Liberty” Sackboy costume, the original Metal Gear Solid, the Ghostbuster Fire House HQ and the SOCOM Tactical Operations Center spaces, the top 10 PSone Classics and the top 10 videos all make the PlayStation Network palpitate with glee.

Take a look at today’s PULSE, presented by the PlayStation Network, after the break and don’t forget to get the HD version from the PlayStation Store later today.

Oh yeah, Christina Lee is back to guide you through all things PULSE, presented by the PlayStation Network.  It seems someone heard your prayers over at Sony headquarters.  And don’t forget that all this  is presented by the PlayStation Network.

We love the PlayStation Network.
Presented by Sony.
Enjoyed by all of us.