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PS3 Battlefield 1943ers kill loads; Coral Sea now unlocked

Submitted by on Sunday, 19 July 20093 Comments

Battlefield 1943Throwing down the gauntlet to all Battlefield 1943 fans and promising to unlock both the Coral Sea map and Air Superiority mode as soon as the 43 millionth soldier had fallen in the game, we’re happy to report that DICE have indeed delivered the goods.

After a blood-soaked killing frenzy this weekend with PS3 fans of the Pacific Theatre FPS putting in the hours and dragging the bodycount over the line, Coral Sea and dogfighting are now both available in the game.

Confirmed via the official Battlefield 1943 Twitter account, the PS3 online community has now caught up with their 360 counterparts who achieved the same accolade earlier in the week.

We’ve done the grunt work for you and have patched together the three tweets everyone has been waiting for.

PS3 has now passed 43 million kills, Air Superiority is now unlocked! Get in there ace pilots and cadets alike! To play ‘Air Superiority’ on PS3 look at the bottom most menu option. Select it like Quick Match & you’ll go straight into pure DOGFIGHTING! We have the PSN ID of the person to get the 43 millionth kill, but we can’t announce until Monday when folks get in the office.

We’ve been playing Battlefield 1943 a lot lately and will have our impressions up shortly (like, tomorrow probably). See you in the skies soldier!