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EA and DC to bring Dante’s Inferno comic, movie

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 July 2009One Comment

Dante's InfernoComic-Con in San Diego is starting to look like a gamers’ paradise, as more collaborations and game tie-ins are announced.

The latest? EA, developer Visceral Games and DC Comics/Wildstorm have announced a collaboration that will see the launch of a comic mini-series based on Dante’s Inferno.

Which has to be the easiest tie-in ever…

Since Dante’s Inferno is based on part one of Dante’s ‘The Divine Comedy’, it could be suggested that a comic book based on a game that is based on a book would be almost too easy to manage. After all, the source material has been around for almost 690 years, and the artwork can be lifted from the assets created to bring the game to life.

But then again, why shouldn’t they try to use all this great source material in every way possible. With AAA game budgets starting at $30m, the payback has to come from somewhere. And EA are certainly pushing out the boat with Dante’s Inferno by ensuring the IP assaults your senses via as many media as possible.

In addition to the comic book, which visitors to Comic-Con can enjoy through Special Edition preview issue giveaways and Limited Edition signings, they will also screen the world premiere trailer of the Dante’s Inferno animated feature, which will be released next year on the same day as the game.

In fact, Comic-con visitors will be assaulted with Dante’s Inferno. In addition to the ‘Issue 0’ giveaway and the animated feature trailer, EA will conduct a panel discussion with DC/Wildstorm and Starz Media (producers of the movie), a special lithograph signing session and a chance to play an early release of the game.

We take our hat off to EA for not only bringing a new IP to the table, but also for clearly throwing a decent marketing budget and effort behind it.