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Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary #2 – The Second Circle – Lust

Submitted by on Monday, 13 July 20094 Comments

Dante's InfernoIt didn’t take long but we’ve finally gotten to the one layer of Hell we’ve been dying to get a glimpse of: Lust. Now that we’re seen it however, it is officially the one layer we want nothing to do with. Ever.

Maximising Dante’s Inferno’s key themes of darkness and disturbing imagery, the guys at Visceral Games have upped this to the nth degree when designing the renown destination of where all the over-sexed and adulterous people go.

Depicted as an endless ocean of the damned sentenced to never feel the comfort of a nearby loved one, the abhorrent environment is plagued by storms of bodies, twisted by sin into abominations of what they once where.

We also get a look at Lust’s end boss, Cleopatra, an enemy the designers reveal concept artist Barlowe took a stab at only for his design to be deemed too lascivious for the game. We guess there is a line when it comes to just what is acceptable to EA, and a female end-boss with sexual organs on her face apparently crosses it.

There is a gross carnality that permeates Lust. Instead of arousing and titillating however, the imagery will undoubtedly shock and repulse; emotions the designers claim were harder to invoke than they originally envisioned. After all, as Art Director Ash Huang so eloquently states in the video, it would have been easy to just “hang a huge penis out there and call it a day.”

Huge penises are the least of our worries. When you witness some of the freaks on display in Lust you’ll be wishing for huge penises. Wait, that came out a little wrong …