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Dead Island definitely not dead

Submitted by on Monday, 6 July 2009No Comment

Dead IslandCall of Juarez developer Techland has confirmed to G4TV that super-secretive title Dead Island has yet to shuffle off this mortal coil and, despite continued radio silence from the developer regarding the game, is actually “doing great.”

Categorically proving the theory that you can never have enough zombie titles, Dead Island is an FPS action thriller set on a paradise island overrun with the undead. Unlike other survival horror games however, Dead Island puts an emphasis on melee combat rather than the tried and trusted “run around shooting lumps off animated corpses” routine.

Speaking of lumps – one of the key elements of Techland’s Dead Island is its multi-layer skin system that literally allows you to pick the undead blighters apart bit by bit.

Responding to a request for an update on the game’s status, Blazej Krakowiak, Techland international brand manager at Techland, touches on the game’s clandestine nature:

“I can understand how impatient our fans must be to see more news and assets from Dead Island. Unfortunately our agreement with the game’s worldwide publisher imposed a media silence on us. All we are allowed to say is that the game is in development and doing great and that all future updates regarding the game will come directly from the publisher.”

Though a PS3 version of the game is still not officially announced, Techland have already confirmed that their proprietary engine has gone through numerous tweaks to make it PS3 compatible. With Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood making an appearance on the PS3, we’d be extremely surprised if Dead Island was also not heading our way.