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DJ Hero to cost an arm, a leg and half of your other leg too

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 July 2009No Comment

DJ HeroAs most budding musicians who have already cast aside their guitars for decks will attest, the DJing scene is a pricey one to get into.

From costly equipment to rare vinyl, the price of entry into the cool DJ sub-culture has always been somewhat astronomical.

It appears however that this trend is also now bleeding into the burgeoning “fake-DJ arena” with a report over at (via their sister-site Eurogamer) that Activision are suggesting a whopping £109.77 be set for the upcoming DJ Hero game plus necessary deck peripheral.

Games plus devices have always come at a premium but it’s not that the price tops the £100 mark which is remarkable, it’s the fact that US electro-heads can expect to pay $120 for the same privilege. As correctly states, this is more in line with a £73 pricing-point; definitely nowhere near £107.99.

The suggested retail price from Activision has been stated by retailer ShopTo. Thankfully both ShopTo and other stores such as HMV have decided not to lead with Activision’s guidelines and will actually sell the bundle for just under the £100 mark. Still appears a little rich in our books.

We should mention that there is no news regarding the euro price at this moment in time. Considering euro prices are usually on par with the dollar (despite the euro being significantly stronger than the American currency), it would be interesting to see if Activision have any recommendations for this amount. Any figure north of the €120 mark is sure to raise even more eyebrows. We shall have to wait and see.