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Dragon Age: Origins DLC already in the works; expansion packs “possible”

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 July 2009No Comment

Dragon Age: OriginsSpeaking of Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare CEO Greg Zeschuk, fresh from talking up how well development is going on the PS3 version of the fantasy inspired game, has also revealed that new downloadable content is already underway for the upcoming title.

Announcing “a lot of DLC plans”, Greg mentions that there is a team hard at work right now creating content for the game that will be released through DLC channels post-launch.

In an interview with CVG, Greg highlights the obvious differences between console and PC gaming; especially when it comes to the online modding community. Hinting at something along the lines of how it’s possible to create Unreal Tournament III content on the PC for the PS3, Greg states

“On the console side, it’s obviously not really feasible for us to provide the toolset but we are actually looking at ways to potentially share the content created on the PC on consoles. There aren’t really any huge technical hurdles to that.”

Apart from the mod-scene, Greg also adds that full expansion packs for the game are a possibility.

It’s heartening to hear of BioWare’s optimistic mood towards their new property. We can only assume they think they have something special on their hands with Dragon Age: Origins and an experience that a lot of people are going to enjoy this October – and further into the future.