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Droplitz – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 July 20092 Comments

DroplitzHailing from the Arcade wing of Blitz Games, Droplitz is a charming and addictive puzzler anyone who enjoys twiddling dials and bringing order to chaos will enjoy.

Like most puzzle games, the concept is amazingly simple in principle yet devilishly difficult in practice.

The eponymous Droplitz are orb-like “drops” originating at the top of your honeycomb-esque maze courageously attempting to make their way to the bottom. To navigate this precarious labyrinth they will require your help through the use of various rotating dials that open up new paths of navigation towards their ultimate goal.

With a pleasant aesthetic and an electro ambience, Droplitz could easily be accused of masquerading as an innocuous title to spend some time with as the kettle boils. Don’t be fooled – this game has serious addictive qualities and can quickly consume your entire evening if not responsibly curtailed.

Blitz Arcade Games have created a puzzler that is immediately accessible yet fiendishly challenging. Beginning each “board” with a finite number of Droplitz, each blob is released into the wild from a set number of Droppers.  Meandering through the ever-shifting maze – due to your incessant spinning of dials – Droplitz either expire upon reaching dead-ends or ultimately end up in Collectors where the player is rewarded with points.

With Droplitz perishing at every turn, your collection is thankfully replenished through certain dials splitting them in multiple directions. It’s a constant case of drop-management however, as you dance between different sections of the board coaching Droplitz onwards in one area while sacrificing others in another.


Upon creating paths, multipliers will start to grow and bonus Droplitz will appear to help you achieve some mammoth scores. Paths are also locked in place until the Droplitz complete their journey so there’s a certain degree of skill involved in order to create a path that doesn’t inadvertently cut off the rest of the board for your remaining perpetually dropping orbs. Also, just to keep things fresh, dials used as part of a successful path disappear after they have fulfilled their use. Failure to keep all the plates/dials spinning will result in your Droplitz reserve finally depleting to zero and signaling the end of the game.

Droplitz comes with varying modes and challenges such as Classic, Zendurance, Power Up and Infection so there’s enough here to keep the casual and hardcore puzzle player alike enthralled for a number of hours. In a sly wink to Droplitz’s addictive qualities, there are trophies for surviving 20 minutes – and another for two hours.

If we were to find fault with the game it’s its lack of any two-player mode. There’s no multiplayer and even a fairly simple face-off challenge where one player’s success negatively affects their opponent is absent. The music can also start to get a bit repetitive after awhile, but that’s probably because you’ve been playing it for five hours straight and have forgotten to eat.

In conclusion, Droplitz in an well-conceived, rewarding and challenging game and comes recommended to any who revel in snappy hand-eye coordination challenges or games whose high-scores are measured in millions. Just try and remember that sleep is important and the game will still be there in the morning.