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Edge of Twilight to remain Edge of Twilight

Submitted by Brodiesan on Friday, 24 July 2009One Comment

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Edge of TwilightConsidering pretty much everything is copyrighted by now, it’s no surprise to hear that developers can experience some difficulties when it comes to naming their new properties.

Just when you think you have a kick-ass name for your game, it turns out some band in Romania called their fifth album the very same thing and now want a slice of the action.

Caught up in such a legal wrangling, Australian developer FuzzyEyes are happy to now report that, after some cordial discussions with another company, their upcoming steampunk game Edge of Twilight will launch without a name change.

Confirming through a press release, FuzzyEyes CEO Wei-Yao Lu states:

“FUZZYEYESâ„¢ approached EDGE® Games several months ago, with the intent to resolve any issues arising out of both companies use of the mark “EDGE.” Fuzzyeyes, developer of the game titled “Edge of Twilight,” sought to address any potential trademark conflicts. Through amicable negotiations, Fuzzyeyes and Edge Games have arrived at a satisfactory arrangement that addresses the concerns of both parties. This arrangement allows the highly anticipated Edge of Twilight to proceed with its title unchanged, and without infringement on any trademarks held by Edge Games.”

Good news for the guys Down Under. Edge of Twilight (and not Twilight’s Edgy Adventure or anything of the sort) is due this fall.

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