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Prepare to Ooh and Aah at the EyePet box-art

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 July 20096 Comments

EyepetDon’t worry, we’re not turning into one of those sites that gets giddy whenever a cover of a new game is revealed. Yesterday’s article was kind of a big deal and today’s gets a mention simply because the game in question is not getting enough coverage in our opinion.

Behold the saccharine cuteness of EyePet’s box-art.

We suggest you have a bucket ready.

Is the little scamp a monkey? Or perhaps some sort of marsupial interloper, destined to invade your living room and virtually poop on your couch?

Either way, he’s as cute as a button and we’re sure that such a longing stare from behind the plastic of the box out at the legions of susceptible children will be far too much for any mother or father to counter. Parents, prepare to be harassed until EyePet has been accepted as the newest member of your family unit. Just like the non-virtua puppy you got at Christmas who, despite assurances to the contrary from your youngsters, you are now walking each night and cleaning up its crap.

Most intriguing part of the box-art? “PLAYSTATION Eye Required”. Ya reckon?