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Fat Princess and Trine “still coming” this summer

Submitted by on Friday, 3 July 20094 Comments

Fat Princess Chronicling what is sure to be the cause of every gamer shunning the sun and staying pasty white this summer, Mike Kebby from the PlayStation Store Team has dropped some new information regarding a swath of PSN titles planned for this summer over at the official EU blog.

Everything from Battlefield 1943, Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage, Bomberman Ultra, Zombie Apocalypse, TV Show King and Shatter gets a mention but there are at least two much anticipated titles suspiciously absent.

Namely Trine and Fat Princess.

Don’t worry PSN-fanatics, Mike has popped up in the comment section to mention why some titles are not listed and how we’ll still see them this summer.

Mike responds to the numerous outcries in the comment section by stating:

“I wasn’t allowed to mention Fat Princess because of what happened last time we mentioned it on the blog…better to be safe than sorry. The developers will be the ones to come onto the blog to announce it’s [sic] arrival when a date has been decided. It is coming though don’t worry. As for Trine – the developers will be posting about the game in much more detail next week – it is definitely coming though, and not before time- it looks fantastic!!”

Mike refers to the recent confirmation that Fat Princess would arrive in June. Check your calendar. Yep, it ain’t June no more and the Rotund Royal is nowhere to be seen.

So, crisis averted. Fat Princess and Trine are still coming during this hot and sticky season. The exact release dates however will be announced by the developers themselves.