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Feel the Fury with WipEout HD; Environment Design

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 July 20092 Comments

Wipeout HD Fury Pack Concept ArtIf you don’t already own one of the best games on the PSN by now, then you are missing out. Not only will you pull your eyes out trying to beat Zico, but you’ll have a blast racing at high octane speeds in glorious HD.

Soon, you’ll be able to take out all that anger with the release of the Fury expansion pack. Marcus Tanner stopped by the PlayStation.Blog to discuss the environmental design of this upcoming add-on.

Marcus goes into detail as to how a WipEout racetrack goes from concept art to reality. Well, maybe not reality but as close as you’re going to get on your PS3. Not only are the tracks themselves important, but the surrounding structures as well. The WipEout series has always been known to push the limits of graphics with its futuristic free flowing designs.

Each piece of architecture is strategically arranged in a manner that produces a track that flows with the rest of the environment. Selecting these layouts is similar to composing a piece of music with melody, rhythm, and harmony; all synchronized to form something beautiful.

Wipeout HD Fury Pack Concept Art 2

Everything, from the way the sunlight hits the top of the monoliths to the blur effect of your ship speeding by, is utilized to create a dynamic environment that puts you in the drivers seat. Be sure to check out the full developer diary over on the blog.

If you remember, we gave the Fury Pack a test drive at E3 and it was fantastic.Unfortunately, we still don’t have an official release date for the expansion but until then, we’ll have plenty more developer diaries on the way.