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The Homerun – 2nd July 09; inFAMOUS, SOCOM and Killzone 2

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 July 20093 Comments

the-homerunThe Homerun is back to give you another dosage of PlayStation Home goodness. We’re delighted to say that there is a lot of new content for everyone this week!

We’ll start this time with the massive European update. As we have said countless times before, we are big fans of Killzone 2 and so were really happy when Sony announced that a Visari Throne room apartment for PlayStation Home.

Well that apartment has now launched and can be purchased from the Shopping Centre. Just lately Sony have really been pumping in new apartments and although we dislike the idea of paying for them, there are many people who have money to throw around so this space will be good for them. Having said that, we know that Sony and the developers aren’t charities and so we aren’t really complaining.

The Killzone 2 content doesn’t stop there as you can also get a free Visari plant by entering the following code within the next week: J7BH-C4BR-2RTN

Fancy moving house?

Fancy moving house?

Additionally, keep checking for further promotional codes. But right now there are some new Killzone 2 outfits to purchase to spruce up your avatar! These are good for all of you who are very vain when it comes to your virtual self!

Remember the SOCOM Tactical Operations Centre that launched in North America a little while ago? Well the good news is that it has now arrived across the pond onto the European servers.

Includes leaderboard of the best SOCOM players

Includes leaderboard of the best SOCOM players

But our most favourite new space this week has to be the inFAMOUS space. It’s called the ‘Abandoned Docks of Empire City’ space and it looks amazing. It even includes a great mini-game and is a fine complement to the experience seen on the PlayStation 3 title.
Have a look at the video of the space below:

Before we go into the details of the North American update, we’ll talk about some other PlayStation Home news from this week. We’ll start with a new survey that has been doing the rounds, although we have not been lucky enough to get one ourselves! But this is the internet and news spreads fast so here’s what you should know about the survey…

Several questions are asked about what users want to see in Home content and feature wise. Now of course this doesn’t mean any of these will certainly come to reality but it does show that Sony is at least looking at the potential. The highlights of the features mentioned were Trophy support, music and video sharing, live video streaming, and voice chat throughout the whole Home universe.

We have mentioned before that Trophy support would be difficult because Sony would have to justify to developers the extra developer time required adding them into Home. Having said that, we would still love them to be added as long as there was strong game support. Music and Video sharing is something that would really enhance the experience in PlayStation Home, and at least the ability to listen to our own tunes via the XMB would be a starting point.

The Movie Theatre is having growing importance, specifically in Europe where users can choose from several trailers and exclusive director videos. Sony want to know what people most want to see in the Theatre and some of their suggestions included TV shows, stand-up comedy, sports, feature-length films and music videos.

For us all of them would be great assets to the PS3 and Home, however, some are more important than others and when you can watch music videos for free with Vidzone for Europe, we think music videos are best suited for that platform. Home is about interaction which is why our favourites are sports and TV shows as these are great for sharing and points of discussion with friends. In a similar way to Sky on Xbox 360, it would be great to be bragging to your mates that are watching with you when your favourite team scores a goal or try. TV shows would be great for a similar reason but we think we would rather watch a film the conventional way instead of Home.

Finally a PlayStation public space is put onto the table and the sort of content suggested makes us really interested. Fancy a museum of past PlayStation games? Or interactive demos, tutorials and the chance to talk to developers? All of these have been put forward by Sony for a space dedicated to their brand and we are quite excited about this. Sony may already be developing it and that would be great because it would certainly get us even more interested in Home.

In other PlayStation Home news this week, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift has received a new patch and it includes support for game launching from Home. Great stuff!

The inFAMOUS space mini-game

The inFAMOUS space mini-game

Now onto the North American update and sadly it isn’t as spectacular as the European counter-part but it does pack in some goodness. The new inFAMOUS space we talked about earlier makes its way to North America adding a free mini-game. You can now also play golf with the EA Sports Golf Complex before Europe so get your clubs ready and have a stroll on the practice-range. There is also new furniture and clothing from the Shopping Mall including the Killzone 2 uniforms and shirts we mentioned earlier to make you stand out from the crowd.

Well that is about it for this week and we hope that is enough new content to last you till the next content update. Till next Thursday, enjoy the rest of PS3 Attitude!