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The Homerun – 23rd July 09; Roundup of the week’s news

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 July 2009One Comment

The HomerunAlthough there is no update in Sony’s online universe this week – content tends to arrive every other week now – we do have a roundup of news on PlayStation Home that we haven’t managed to pick up on the site so this article will tell you all about it.

First of all, in last week’s Home update, we saw the return of the Buzz! space for Europe after a short period of it being offline. Additionally, a surprise entry into the week was a Night Night 4 space for Europe and North America which includes its own DJ game – surely more suited for a music franchise?

North America also saw a revised Mall that adds new stores such a new Threads that has animated T-Shirts! Europe also received a bunch of new clothing but not quite to the extent as for North America.

Last Friday we heard the news that the City Penthouse apartment had been removed from the Estates store after it occasionally caused PS3s to crash unexpectedly. Everyone who has bought the space should now have been refunded with their money and the space removed from their hands.

A shame that such a thing has happened and that the testers never came across this issue before the apartment was released to the public. We hope it wont be too long before it returns.

I like what you done with the place!

I like what you done with the place!

We know that there are a lot of PixelJunk fans out there so you guys, as well as those of you who just like new spaces, will be pleased to know that a new PixelJunk space has been announced via the newsletter that accompanies the series.

Face? Bovvered?

Face? Bothered?

In the space you can watch trailers for the latest games in the franchise, meet up with fans of the games, and wear new clothing and accessories to customise your avatar. It looks and sounds very cool which I’m sure you will agree based on these screenshots.

Either I got small or that monster has got bigger

Either I got small or that monster has got bigger

Finally the US PlayStation Home team are asking for suggestions for content that you would like to see this Christmas – yes we know it’s July! It takes so long to develop clothes and spaces that they are asking for suggestions already, so get your thinking caps on and fire away in their thread here.

Well this edition of the Homerun is quite short and sweet but we hope to have a lot to talk about next week when new content shall hopefully arrive in the Home universe!