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The Homerun – 30th July 09; Motorstorm 2, Fat Princess and BZB

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 July 20094 Comments

The HomerunIt’s another Home content week and the Homerun is here to fill you in with all the details and our views on what’s new.

If you think back to how Home was when it launched way back in December last year, you will see how much Sony’s online virtual hub has grown and evolved.

Brand new spaces tend to arrive every other week now and they quite often include cool mini-games that can encourage you to keep coming back.

In the US Home update, a new Burn Zombie Burn space has launched, based on the classic PSN title. In the style of a graveyard and crypt, this new area features a zombie infested maze game that you must escape from before the time runs out – not for the light hearted.

If you manage to escape and avoided being attacked by any zombies, there is a nice reward waiting for you at the end.

But that isn’t the only new addition for the US PlayStation Home. A brand new Home Theatre launches with a lobby and ten screens, offering a lot more trailers than before and even the ability to unlock rewards.

This is like an upgrade to the European equivalent as you can walk around each auditorium and meet up with other gamers while the video is playing. There are also screens outside in the lobby to purchase film or game related merchandise from the PlayStation Store. We obviously want to see this space duplicated for everyone outside of North America as soon as possible.

The team also confirm there is the potential for full-length TV shows or movies, meaning you could watch great video content with your friends who are living miles away from you.

Of course if you fancy watching a film or programme in the Home environment over a conventional , Blu-ray, stream or download is debatable, but we’re sure they could offer discounted ‘tickets’ if you invite people from your Friends List.

North Americans may be happy to hear that to celebrate the launch of Fat Princess on the PlayStation Network, the events space has be converted into a room dedicated to the game. Additionally, there is a free Fat Princess throne available if you can unlock all eight pieces of cake.

Sony could be testing the success of events like this so with luck we will see more offerings like this with future game releases. The space is also available to European gamers so don’t feel left out if you live ‘over the pond’.

North America and Europe have also jointly been granted Game Launching for Motorstorm 2 after a long wait and many requests from gamers worldwide. This leaves two ‘current’ PS3 big hitters that have yet to be added to the growing list of supported games; LittleBigPlanet and Killzone 2.

Judging by how much Sony are pushing Home right now we wouldn’t be surprised to see support added before too long, which is good.

Motorstorm 2 Space

But not only is Motorstorm 2 supporting Home through Game Launching, a brand new space has been announced and we have pictures too. Unfortunately, they have not given us a date to write into our diaries, although they promise a release in the coming weeks.

In this week’s Homerun, we want to hear your ideas for future spaces. From your concepts we want to hear what the space is based around, what can you do in the space, and what if any rewards can you gain from visiting and taking part?

These spaces must not be affiliated with any game and the most original ideas will be announced in the next Homerun. To take part just write a comment and the bottom of this page.

Well that is it for this week’s Homerun. Sony appears to be keeping to a schedule of new content arriving every fortnight so unless there is something significant to report about next week, the next Homerun will be in two weeks time.