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Hunt, Fish and Even Shoot The Bird(s) With Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures

Submitted by on Tuesday, 28 July 20095 Comments

cabelas_outdoor_adventures_logoWhile most of us were born into a life of comfort and relative luxury in the big cities of the world, some were born into a life of a little less comfort.  We’re talking waking up at the crack of dawn, as opposed to the crack of noon, heading out into the wilderness ready to drink some beers and shoot something.  Hopefully not your buddy’s face.  Git r’ done.

Lucky for us city-folk, we got these newfangled computer entertainment systems to recreate all that we are unable to experience firsthand; be it battling the devil, driving a car or blowing a deer’s head clean off.  Thanks to the good folks at Cabela’s and Activision Publishing we can live that hunting experience from the comfort and security of our homes with Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures for the PlayStation 3 this September.

But what is Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures all about anyway?  Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures is about a simulation-style, seamlessly integrated experience that includes big game hunting, fishing and bird shooting.  “Never before has a Cabela’s game had so much variety,” said Activision Publishing’s David Oxford. “We went back to the drawing board with the folks at Cabela’s and listened closely to the serious enthusiasts of each of these disciplines to make sure Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures is the most complete game ever for sportsmen.”

Sounds about right, but where’s the beer and deer urine?  With an intensive use of authentic gear and tactics, such as animal calls and stealth skills; it may be in the game after all, the deer urine at least.  There is an emphasis on moments instinctively associated with hunting and fishing.  So…there’s a chance beer may be associated in some form.

New to the franchise is a shooting system called VITALS (Visually Integrated Targeting and Lock-on System, get it?) that allows you to deliver an accurate shot to the animal’s vitals.  If Superman ever went hunting, we think this is how he would see things.  You can even create your own trophy deer!  Just shoot it and drag it home with you How cool is that?  Customize your deer’s rack, body and color.  Pimp my buck.

If you are new to this whole hunting thing, there will be tutorials and guided hunts so you don’t accidentally shoot your toes or something, even if you are drinking beer.