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inFAMOUS movie in the works

Submitted by on Friday, 31 July 20094 Comments

infamous_screenWe are used to seeing superheroes from comics ripped out of the pages and put onto the big screen, but what about from games?

The big news is that Sony Pictures have signed up screenwriter Sheldon Turner to adapt inFAMOUS, the popular PS3 franchise, into a feature film.

If you are not familiar with Turner, he is currently writing the screenplay for X-Men Origins: Magneto so by the time he gets to inFAMOUS he should be fairly familiar with superheroes.

We’re just glad that we will be seeing this great game transformed into a movie. Turner had this to say about why he chose to sign for the film:

What excited me most about the game was it was the first of which I’ve come across that had a big idea and a character arc. It is, I believe, the future of gaming. The game, while big and fun, is at its core a love ballad to the underachiever, which is what our hero, Cole McGrath, is.

Reports suggest that Avi Arad and Ari Arad will produce the film, you may know that they co-produced the recent Iron Man film, so they should be well suited for this role.