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Invincible Tiger: The Legend Of Han Tao – Interview Part I

Submitted by on Friday, 31 July 2009One Comment

Invincible-TigerWe revealed recently that upcoming PSN title, Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao would last about the same as a DVD movie plus extras.

We discovered this during an extensive interview with the brain behind the game, Ollie Clarke. The Blitz Arcade Animator took time to get strapped into our examination chair and get hooked up to our lie detector while we quizzed him about his title and all things game-related.

So without further ado…

1. Thanks for taking the time to speak to us Ollie! Could you tell us a bit about the team and the game itself?

Invincible Tiger: the Legend of Han Tao has been developed by Blitz Arcade, which is the downloadable division of Blitz Games.

Invincible Tiger is a fun and fast action game where it’s easy to take out one enemy but difficult to stay focused and beat off wave after wave of enemies. The player can use the terrain to their advantage by flipping onto roofs, throwing barrels and sliding down vines. The trick is to choose where and when to fight each enemy.

I actually pitched the game internally with retro arcade beat-‘em-ups in mind – the kind we used to see in arcades during the 80s and early 90s. Those were great games and time hasn’t changed that. I wanted to revisit that territory and refresh it with the latest in graphics, games technology and design ideas.

During the development of Invincible Tiger, our CTO Andrew Oliver held a meeting to talk about the new 3D tech we were developing for our proprietary games engine, BlitzTech. I took one look at the prototypes and thought: “This is cool!” Invincible Tiger was the perfect game to test it out on and we’ve been taken aback at how successful it’s been.

2. What (if any) multiplayer options are available?

The game can be played with a friend co-operatively in single player, endurance mode, time trial locally and online. This includes both PSN and XBLA. We are going to great lengths to ensure the game is playable reliably with a friend online. It’s the kind of game you can sit down with a buddy and sock it to the bad guys.

3. Are there plans for a demo on XBLA/PSN?

As soon as the game is released there will be a free trial demo to download on XBLA. If you’re into Kung Fu or love fighting games give it a go!


Kicking seven shades outta the baddies? Yes please!

4. The PS3 has had a variety of criticisms levelled at it regarding the complexity of the architecture. What are the teams’ experiences in working with the PS3?

The PS3 is certainly different from the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, which could potentially have caused problems during development. However we were spared most of these problems as we developed the game on our own BlitzTech engine, which is truly cross-platform.

It enabled us to develop on multiple platforms without worrying about whether it will run. The engine compiled it for us. This way we were protected from many of the issues that come from developing across platforms.

We took a sensible approach to asset creation which enabled us to get the most of each platform while leaving us much more time to focus on making Invincible Tiger as fun as possible in the time we had. Platform issues barely came into it.

5. Where do you see the games industry heading in the next 5 to 10 years?

This is a toughy however I love to speculate!

I see 3D tech continuing to develop and refine to the point where even glasses are no longer needed. This is something we’re starting to look at.

I think the Wii will go HD at some point.

I see games being rentable online at some point in the future too, you’ll download the game for a fixed period as you would a film.

Most importantly I see the entertainment we develop becoming much more refined in terms of gameplay, presentation and reaching much higher levels in terms of appeal. I believe we’ve barely seen this start yet. Although a few games show a glimmer of what’s to come and this will pick up in pace in the next five to ten years.


This is going to end badly, one way or another...

6. What is your favourite PSN/XBLA game (other than Invincible Tiger, naturally!!)

Ah I could never have just one favourite I’m afraid, there’s so many fun games out there right now.

I’m a sucker for Flow and like relaxing with the ambience of it. Bomberman is just classic. Castle Crashers is fantastic co-op fun with some great humour and gameplay. Rocket Riot is also great fun after a night out. Shamelessly I’m going to plug our own Droplitz. I truly love this game, it’s relaxing whilst being a fiendishly addictive puzzle game. Plus, there’s always time for a quick go at Outrun!

And that wraps up our first part of the interview!

Join us soon for the second half of the interview to find out who in the development team is the best at gaming and what Ollie feels about the current economic climate and its effect on the industry.

In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments.