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iTrophies – the PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Monday, 13 July 200919 Comments

iTrophiesiTrophies is a handy PS3 trophy app for the iPhone/iTouch every self-respecting Trophy Whore must own.

Noticing a niche in the market, developer Viru Doshi has created an app that not only allows you to review your own trophy progress, but also compare your current haul with that of your friends whether you’re on the bus, at work or jet-setting around the world. Connection permitting of course.

The main difference with this app and similar programs that have come before it is, unlike other iPhone trophy apps that merely show trophy lists, iTrophies is fully integrated into the PlayStation Network; transforming your iPhone/iTouch into a personal virtual trophy cabinet right in your pocket.

The app is split into three main areas. Profile displays your total number of collected trophies and level along with the general information available to the public when viewable through the PS3. This includes how many platinum, gold, silver and bronze trinkets you’ve picked up on your numerous trophy sprees and your current mood. Basically it’s the same as your standard profile card.

The Friends section, a gateway to trophy comparison with your companions, also acts as a handy snapshot of who is online and what they’re currently playing in real-time; a great tool for when you’re out and about and wondering who is at home getting their game on and what they’re up to. You’ll also be able to view the last time your friends have logged on. It’s like having your PS3 with you – without the ability to play kick-ass games of course.

The comparison element clearly depicts your own stash versus your friends’ wares on a trophy by trophy level. Want to know how many silver Danny has currently racked up from wrangling goodies out of the likes of Hannah Montana and Leisure Suit Larry compared to the hard-wrought silvers you’ve laboured over? It’s possible.

However, we should note that the comparison feature isn’t as comprehensive as what’s available when comparing through the PS3 (the level percentage isn’t shown or example) but it’s actually faster than the traditional process. Also, while you can visit the Games section (the third area) and delve into which specific trophies have eluded you, it’s not possible to see what trophies your friends are also missing. This is something we believe is in the works however along with other intriguing elements such as custom leaderboards.

Probably the best feature of iTrophies is the YouTube integration. From your trophy list you can select any of the trophies you have yet to obtain and instantly visit a video depicting an easy guide of how to achieve it. It’s not a perfect system, however, and some videos that come back are not what you were looking for. This is not so much a fault of the app but the randomness of YouTube.

Of course, there’s nothing in iTrophies you can’t do from the comfort of your own couch. In fact, it would be difficult to think of any reasons why you’d use the app inside the house when the PS3 and a browser does it all – and to a greater level.

On the go however, it’s a nice and light-weight application that serves its simple purpose. And, unlike a lot of inexpensive iPhone apps that are merely novelties, iTrophies actually brings something useful to the table. Which leads us to the price and why we recommend it.

As a handy, if not purely complimentary, tool for any PS3/iPhone owner, and at a little over a euro, it’s hard to find fault in something that does exactly what it says on the tin. And does it well. There’s also something unbelievably smug about being in a bar, plucking your iPhone from our pocket, entering a series of taps and then handing it to a fellow gamer friend and just smiling as his or her eyes grow wide. Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that gives us the greatest pleasure.

Note: iTrophies requires a Portable ID. If you don’t have a Portable ID created, the process is simple and takes a couple of minutes. More information about this application, its security and future updates can be found here.

UPDATE: Our iTrophies competition is now closed. Congratulations to strangeplaice, tanukisan, LCaruana, CanisFirebrand, EricFernandez, WolfieZero, CoolHand032, Inki78, grizbo and Lavron415 who all win a copy of iTrophies for the iPhone/iTouch. Many thanks to Viru Doshi for donating US App Store codes for this great utility.