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Killzone 2 ‘Map Pack Bundle’ announced

Submitted by whoelse on Thursday, 23 July 20092 Comments

Want to get your hands on the uber-rare LittleBigPlanet Golden Crown we've got?

Killzone 2 DLC 3Guerrilla Studios have announced a brand new bundle releasing today called with the original name of the ‘Map Pack Bundle’ . This bundle combines all three Killzone 2 map packs together for an undisclosed discounted price.

One of the map packs included also releases today and that’s the Napalm & Cordite expansion.

We will have to wait for the store updates to see exactly how much value there is in this bundle, but it should be a good choice for Killzone 2 fans who have yet to purchase any expansions packs so far.

The team have also come up with a brand new trailer to celebrate their new creation which you can watch below:

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Updated: July 23, 2009

The map pack is now available to download in Europe for €12.99 or £9.99 in the UK, which is equal to around the value of three map packs for the price of two. In the US there is a similar discount as it will cost $11.99.

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  • Ducer15 says:

    I could complain that I have already brought the first map pack and as such I will now not be able to make a saving if I decide to pick up the last two map packs. But I’m not going to. Why you may ask? Well I fired this up last night (Wednesday) for the first time in a while and I could only find one instance of one of the maps from the first pack being played. Pitiful! My hope for the map pack deal is that this will bring more players into the extra maps and therefore benefit all of us that have already invested. If so then I will be more than happy to buy the other two map packs. I think it works out at a further £9 for me.

    Also it sound like this could be Killzone 2’s final hoorah, as it seems like the developer is moving onto other things now. Although I have a suspicion that we may see a Killzone 2 box with all the map packs in later this year. Christmas would seem good, if they are not scared off by MW2. ;)

  • ender411 says:

    Ive bought all 3 packs…..I like em’.

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