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Killzone 2 “Napalm and Cordite” DLC announced

Submitted by on Friday, 10 July 20096 Comments

Killzone 2 DLC 3The third downloadable content for the highly acclaimed Killzone 2 game has been announced on the Official PlayStation US and EU blogs. “Napalm and Cordite” is the name of the pack and not only are there two brand new maps included, you can also play with the new flamethrowers and bolt guns.

This news has been over the internet all day when the news slipped out from the Japanese version of the PlayStation website. Although a dodgy translation scrambled a slightly more confusing name of “Napalm & Petrusite”.

Keeping with tradition, we waited for the official press release before going ahead with this article.

Be careful with that, it's dangerous!

Be careful with that, it's dangerous!

We will hear more about this DLC next week but Guerilla Games have some further Killzone 2 related news: A new patch!

v1.28 is a response to a lot of the feedback that the guys have been recieving on their forums and adds a lot of tweaks and fixes. We wont simply copy-and-paste the entire changelog but we can give you a summary of the key changes…

For starters the update is essential to support the new downloadable content that will be arriving at an unknown date. Moving on, there is now a new detailed information screen about games before you join them and it includes details on the region of the game, whether friendly fire is on, the selected maps, and the game size.

There are also now additional values supported for Bodycount to make games last longer when there are a high number of players.

So overall it isn’t as big of an update compared to what we have seen in the past, but it does add some decent changes that will keep us interested in the game.

Oh and for your information, the patch is due to go live on the 14th of July.