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Killzone Gets Ready For Cordite: Update Now!

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 July 20093 Comments

Killzone 2 FlamethrowerKillzone – as you all no doubt know by now – is about to get the next round of DLC air-dropped in by the affable peeps over at Guerilla Games.

The 1.28 update is pretty much all about the upcoming map pack.

In fact, it is almost exclusively about the map pack. Note, however, we say ‘almost’.

Underneath all the code updates, weapon inclusions, trophy additions and general pretty-making of the core code in advance of the “Napalm and Cordite” release, there is a massive improvement waiting to be discovered.

The existing online game lobby is somewhat… how should we put it… blah?

That is all set to change once you install the update, though. A host of new indicators are being added to the lobby, including Region, Game Size, Maps, Permitted Missions and Badges, Faction Balancing, Custom Badges, Custom Weapons and Friendly Fire.

This should make things much more straightforward in finding the right game for you. This is particularly useful considering just how many games are blazing away at any given moment.

Once we’ve downloaded the update and had the chance to investigate it further we will endeavour to post any further findings here.

If any of you crazy redeyes out there in the interweb ether find any more juicy morsels deep within the update, get in the wire and tell us.

Or just leave a comment… your choice.