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Logitech announces a new drum kit for the (rich) rocker in all of us

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 July 20096 Comments

Logitech Drums Guitar HeroAre you one of those people who must obtain the best equipment when playing Guitar Hero? If so, then you might want to listen up as Logitech, one of the leading manufacturers of peripherals, have announced their new drum kit for Guitar Hero on PS3.

This wireless drum controller, complete with drum heads with recessed rims, will cost you a pretty penny though as it doesn’t come cheap. Just exactly how much you ask?

How does $229.99 sound? That’s more than the entire game and instrument set! Still, this isn’t your ordinary drum kit. We’ve already told you about the recessed rims, making it easier to earn points and avoid the dreaded rim shot, but there’s more.

Each of the three drum heads and two cymbals are fully adjustable to fit any person’s needs and the entire thing folds up nicely for quick storage. The bass pedal features a stainless steel surface, providing a more traditional rocker experience. With a wireless range of up to ten meters via a 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver and fifty hours of battery life, you’ll be rocking in no time.

So is the $229.99 price tag worth it? For the pro drummer, it just might be but we think that many Guitar Hero players are happy with the set that came with the game. For those of you interested though, the kit is available for pre-order.