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MAG Developer Diary: Command & Control

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 July 2009No Comment

mag-8MAG is not your average FPS multiplayer game. Touting 256 players at one time, the game is much more than that. By taking control of a single soldier, at what point do you feel like just another cog in the machine or can any one player make a significant blow to the opposing team?

MAG Diaries are back and this time they talk about taking command and controlling your squad. Let the battle commence…

The battlefield is broken down into multiple smaller scale skirmishes that will feature 8v8 squad based battles. As you progress through the ranks and level up your skills, you’ll be granted a greater responsibility on the battlefield. You’ll gain troops of your own to command and have the ability to call in air strikes and such. There really is a great sense of depth to a game such as MAG.

How do you suppose you will carry out your orders and communicate with your fellow squad members? Why by voice chat of course! If you don’t have a headset readily available, don’t fret. The game has been designed so that objectives and orders can be easily given and understood. Still, we have a feeling that if you don’t have a headset, you might want to invest in one by the time MAG comes around.

Not only will you strive to gain experience points to level up your soldier, but you’ll work your way through the grit and bullet fire to become a leader. Strategize and overcome. That is the goal of MAG.