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Metalocalypse: Dethgame announced for the PSN

Submitted by on Saturday, 25 July 2009One Comment

MetalocalypseAre you a fan of the Norwegian heavy metal band Dethklok? They’re only the seventh largest economy on Earth with fans viewing them as gods. Whatever products they endorse, they soon become top sellers. Now they have their hearts set on the video game industry with Dethgame, a downloadable title for the PSN.

Thankfully this band only exists in our television sets and can be seen on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. We don’t need any all power super economies like Dethklok. The game is real though and will be published through Konami.

Players will take on the role of super roadie Klokateer, unleashing the heavy metal on rabid mutant fans. Expect to see lots of brutal combat and blood; just like the show.

What would a heavy metal game be without some headbanging tunes? Naturally, you’ll be causing all this carnage to the sounds of Dethklok: The Dethalbum as well as three all new songs from Williams Street Records’ Dethklok 2. Williams Street Records’ Dethklok 2. Throw in a couple of Dethklok mini-games and it’s a well round PSN title.