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Hunter. Survivor. Prey. New Aliens Vs. Predator trailer

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 July 2009One Comment

Aliens Vs. redatorSega’s harem of Aliens games have gone through a number of ups and downs of late, from Obsidian Entertainment’s RPG finally succumbing to an acidic themed end to Aliens: Colonial Marines slipping to 2010.

One xenomorphic game we are certain will eventually see the cold light of day is Rebellion’s Aliens Vs. Predator. And to prove it’s not all just shadows shifting ominously down sterile and vacant corridors, some footage of the game has finally surfaced.

This has got everything. With studio Rebellion’s long pedigree in making Aliens Vs. Predator games and both franchises beloved by legions of fans, we’re expecting the new AVP game to perform well when it’s finally released next year.

Check the footage below for a glimpse of the extraterrestrial action.