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New Alpha Protocol Dev Diary: Trust No One

Submitted by on Friday, 3 July 2009No Comment

Alpha ProtocolThe guys over at Obsidian have put out a new dev diary outlining how realism and the concept of cause-and-effect feature heavily in their new tactical RPG, Alpha Protocol.

Published by Sega and due out this fall, the game looks to be shaping up very nicely with this new footage describing the level of character customisation and freedom available to players.

What’s also interesting is to what extent the designers have gone to make the game feel “real”. Lead Artist at Obsidian, Aaron Meyers, talks about the setting of the espionage filled adventure and how his objective was to “nail reality as hard as possible.”

We also get an insight into how the game addresses causality with multiple branches opening up for Michael Thornton depending on who you trust and who you decide to accept as an ally. Of course, allies can become enemies and vice versa with Senior Producer Ryan Rucinski claiming that Thornton actually “can’t trust anybody!”

Will Alpha Protocol really “push the limits of RPG” as claimed by Obsidian? We’ll find out in October.