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New NHL10 screens and improvements; goalies can now save with their ass

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 July 2009One Comment

NHL 10Just in case you thought we were biased towards sports favoured by those haughty Europeans, we’ve got some new details of upcoming hockey game NHL10.

As fans of the series will attest, there were a few known “holes” in NHL09 that people of a certain disposition were known to exploit, resulting in a phenomenon known as “always goals”.

These are the unintentional glitches present in the game that allow people who have mastered the art of the puck to rack up huge scores against the more amateur of players with ease.

You’ll be glad to hear that EA are convinced these cracks have now been filled in NHL10 and this latest edition is by far a more balanced and fairer hockey game than any that has come before it.

Placing a lot of focus on the goalie this time out, EA reveal that one programmer and one animator worked literally full-time for an entire year getting the key area of goal prevention spot on. There are now over 150 goalie animations which include kick-saves, reach-backs and dazzling swipe-aways. However, our favourite new move has to be the ability to now literally put your ass on the line and save with your backside.

Wanting to make sure the new system was working as expected, EA then invited some top players of the previous games to come in and try and find those old niggling cheat-holes in NHL10. After some tweaks, they’re happy that everything is now right on the money.

It’s not just goalies who have received an overhaul. From “Precision Passing” to being able to bat the puck into the net while it’s in the air, NHL10 is shaping up to revolutionise the hockey genre. Oh, and if you’re one of those people who likes to tell that “I went to a fight once and a game of ice-hockey broke out” joke, you can now punch people in first-person mode.