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Develop09; PlayStation Home – 6 million items and counting

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 July 20092 Comments

playstation-home-balconySpeaking from the Develop Conference, Peter Edward of SCEE has been discussing PlayStation Home’s ‘first term report card’.

Included in his speech were all the latest facts and figures from the first seven months inside Home, and the numbers stack up quite impressively.

Within the first seven months, Home has seen seven million users visit the various spaces on offer. Three million of these users are from Europe.

Whilst some of the items downloaded are free, it is clear that Home is doing well as a business. In total, over six million items of free and paid merchandise have been downloaded, which in anyone’s language is a great deal of content.
Also of interest are the demographic figures. 80% of users are males between the ages of 18 and 35. Whilst this doesn’t sound spectacular, it actually represents a 10%  swing in favour of the fairer sex, and that in itself is a significant shift.
The success of Home for publishers and advertisers is also apparent when you look at how long the average session lasts. Users who visit home in Europe have an average session time of 56 minutes, and whilst this is peculiar to the European region, it is certainly a statistic that is raising the eyebrows of those people that provide content for the social networking system.
Which, of course, means that we can expect content providers to spend more time working out how to leverage the service. After all, the numbers dictate that they take Home as a serious platform now and in the future.