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PlayStation sales slide

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 July 20092 Comments

SonyReported over at, Sony have recorded a $268 million loss during Q1 2009 with the PS3 and PSP particularly under-performing in the game sales department.

Shipping a total of 1.1 million PS3s over the three month period, this figure is significantly lower in comparison than the same quarter in 2008 when the electronics giant shifted a further 0.5 million units. 

It was worse for the PSP however, with less than half the number of units (1.6 million) sold during the same period last year when 3.7 million of the handheld devices flew off shelves.

Naturally, with fewer hardware sales, software numbers also suffered with 14.8 million units sold during the last quarter compared to nearly twice that (22.8 million) in Q1 2008.

We won’t bombard you with figures or what this amounts to in real money but, needless to say, the company did not perform well financially during this period.

As it’s called the gaming industry, it’s important to remember that, while we’re arguing over the frame-rate of Rage on the PS3 versus that on the 360, business people are more worried about penetration rates, cost benefit analysis and their annual bonus. With a disappointing July NPD for the PS3, and now these alarming figures providing a broader view-point on how the company is performing as a whole, we’re hoping Sony will respond accordingly and address the elephant in the corner. Operating in a global recession with their flagship product still significantly more expensive that its nearest rival, they must surely now look at the price of the PS3 and how to make the console more attractive to consumers.

In the interest of balance, we should mention that Sony was not the only company recently experiencing a downturn in sales with both Nintendo and Microsoft also in the red. That said, when you’re lagging  behind the leaders, the above results will undoubtedly be felt more acutely to the Japanese conglomerate.