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Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trials DLC free from EU Stores

Submitted by on Sunday, 12 July 20092 Comments

Mirror's EdgeThanks to our friends over at The Sixth Axis, and tipsters TheDeathAvenger and stefhutch20, it appears that the Pure Time Trials DLC for vertigo infused Mirror’s Edge has suddenly jumped from the lofty price of £6.99/€9.99 to zero.

Confirmed to be also free in other EU stores, we’re not sure if we’ve just stumbled upon an upcoming promotion for the content early, or if someone has inadvertently cocked up and dropped the price in error.

At 134MB in size, the Pure Time Trials focuses on challenges Faith can actually excel at; namely speed based athletics over brightly coloured platforms and not combat or participating in a flimsy story.

It’s possible that the content will revert back to its previous price at any time so, if you’re looking for new Mirror’s Edge content – now would be a good time to get over to the Store.

Note: EU content will not work with NA copies of the game – just in case you felt compelled to try.