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Red and Blue DualShock 3 pads coming to US

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 July 20096 Comments

ps3-red-blueIt is fair to say that Americans are quite a patriotic bunch and it appears Sony have taken notice. Announced today, they will be releasing red and blue DualShock 3 controllers in the region this October.

Of course, these two colours are in fact shared by the flags of many countries around the world including Britain and France, but so far there is no sign of anyone else getting their hands on these colourful controllers.

There is no wording on pricing yet, but we are betting that they will cost a little more than the black and silver controllers selling right now. Instead, you could have a go at personalising your own PS3 controllers if you’re on a budget and are a bit of an artist.

Whilst we wouldn’t want to encourage any activity that could lead to invalidated warranties or electrocution, if you do decide to ‘Pimp Your Shock’ send us some pictures – we can’t promise to use them, but we promise we’ll laugh in all the right places.

Source: Engadget