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Saboteur dated for December 4th plus new screenshot – update

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 July 20092 Comments

The SaboteurIf sauntering around gay Paris is more to your liking than the dusty bleakness of Martian territory, you’ll be happy to hear that Pandemic’s tale of vengeance in Nazi-occupied France, The Saboteur, will hit stores on December 4th.

And we’ve got a new screenshot as well.

Lauded at E3 for its distinctive artistic style, we’ve discussed Saboteur here before so we won’t preach to the converted. You already know it features Sean Devlin as a street-smart race car driver who, after witnessing his friend murdered by the dastardly German forces, sets off on a quest to get as must revenge as possible – with hearty doses of climbing, blowing stuff up and womanising thrown in for good measure.

Just in case you missed the game’s unique treatment of colour and how it is emerges in the game, here’s a new screenshot to get you all excited.

"Take that ya nasty Nazi scumbag!"

"Take that ya nasty Nazi scumbag!"

Update: Pandemic themselves are quoting a release date of October 8th, a full four days after when the press release claims it’s coming out. The release does explicitly mention a European date so, until we get this confirmed, The Saboteur is coming out at the beginning of December.