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Shatter to include 90 minutes of original music; Soundtrack forthcoming

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 July 2009One Comment

shatter-e3-screenshot-1If you’ve watched any of the trailers for Shatter, you’ve probably heard the amazing musical score that accompanies the retro gameplay with a twist. In an exclusive interview with PS3 Attitude, Mario Wynards, Managing Director of Sidhe, has stated that the game includes “over 90 minutes of high quality original music.”

Even more, he has also stated that,

“Sidhe will be making some announcements about the availability of the soundtrack soon.”

What does this mean? Perhaps we’ll be able to download the score to the game via the PSN, sort of along the lines of the PixelJunk series or Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

To celebrate the release of Shatter, we’ll have the full interview with Sidhe available tomorrow. Be sure to stay tuned for more as we will be reviewing the game as well. It’s going to be a brick-tastic week!