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Skate 2’s Maloof Money Cup Pack Won’t Break The Bank

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 July 2009No Comment

sk82maloof006Don’t have the chops to make it to the world’s greatest skateboarding event, the Maloof Money Cup?  Neither do a lot of people so don’t feel too bad.  But there’s good news for all you virtual skaters out there, you too can experience the ups and downs of the largest pursed event in the history of professional skateboarding.

The Maloof Money Cup makes its videogame debut in the critically acclaimed Skate 2, making it the skateboarding game to own on the PS3.  Never mind that Skate 2 is the only skating game of 2009.  So what is this pack all about and just how much is it going to cost you?  A lot more and a lot less than you may have expected.

Releasing next Thursday July 9th, The Maloof Money Cup Pack will cost a measly $3.00 on the PlayStation Store.  Not bad huh?  That’s a full two dollars less than the previous Skate 2 DLC Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza.  A small price for a small pack then?  Not quite.

Skate 2’s Maloof Money Cup Pack feature gameplay events for both online and offline modes.  While offline you can test yourself against the world class pros in freeskate, single player vert and street contests.  Jump online to compete against your friends in new activities and challenges for bragging rights.  No trophies will bless this DLC which makes some of us a little irked but hey, worse things have happened.

Are you ready to drop three Washingtons for the Maloof Money Cup next week?