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Sony discusses developing Home, the Beta phase, the reception, stalking and explicit content

Submitted by on Friday, 24 July 2009One Comment

HomeAt last week’s Develop conference Eurogamer had a private interview with Peter Edward who is the Home platform director for SCEE, and they talked about various aspects of the online universe including development and moderation.

First off, they discussed developing PlayStation Home. Peter admits that Sony did not know exactly what they were getting themselves into when they started the project, but he compares it to other projects in the industry that can have similar surprises and difficulties along the way.

When asked whether they released it when they did to avoid further delays, he explained that it was put out for the public when they believed it was truly ready, but with the understanding that it was still a Beta and further development was still to come.

Eurogamer asked if they have any plans to ditch the Beta tagline and Peter says that there is no timeline for that but when Home represents final quality, not final development, that’s the time to pull it out of Beta.

An interesting question put to the man was how he felt the reception has been. From reading the comments and your views on the site it is clear many of you are still not convinced by Home, and Peter is not blind to that type of feeling amongst the gaming community. But he sees that some people are slowly coming around to the idea, and he gives Kotaku as a clear example.

A notable aspect of PlayStation Home is the attraction of women –  or men disguised as women. Peter explains that this behaviour is typical for most of the internet community and he believes it is here to stay but the community can police themselves when they think things go past the line.

Peter Edward acknowledges that many people in Home are disguised as adults and this creates a barrier when considering content to implement if they are “truly adult in content”.

And then again we go onto the issue of differences in regions and localisation issues that we have heard about many times before. But he insists they dislike the problem as much as we do, and on the idea of implementing Picture Frames into Europe, it is very much something they want to push forward in the future if they can solve the moderation issues.

Source: Eurogamer