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Develop09; Sony keynote ‘highlights’

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 July 20093 Comments

sonylogops3Speaking at the Develop Conference today, SCEE Research & Development demonstrated the motion control wand that was so well received at E3.

So did we learn anything new from seeing the device on this side of the pond?

After a short demonstration, showing the ‘shuriken throwing’ and ‘archery’ demonstrations seen at E3 this year, SCEE R&D detailed the controllers and what developers need to do to get hold of the hardware and software for their own projects.

Unfortunately, despite having showed the devices at E3 and allowing that conference to be streamed live and recorded for replay, Sony did not allow any of the conference delegates take any pictures or videos of the controllers.

In addition to the (very) short demo of the motion controller, Sony also discussed their face recognition tools that take advantage of the PS Eye and gave a demo of EyePet as an example of augmented reality gaming. Again, this was the same footage made available at E3, which can also be found on the PS Store.

Sony then showed augmented reality gaming on the PSP using the Go!Cam accessory. The game, called Invizimals, uses the camera to make it seem that there are small beasts hidden away in your house. Once you’ve caught one, you can then use it in battles, so this is the PSP’s version of Pokemon but in an augmented reality universe.

What then followed was 20 minutes of incredibly detailed technical discussion on how to make the most out of the PS3 hardware, including such exciting topics as Occlusion Culling, Bloom processing and Geometry Processing – you’ll forgive us for not repeating those topics here at PS3 Attitude.

For those of us that had only seen the motion controller from a distance, it was good to get up close and personal with the prototype, although Sony confirmed that the final form factor would look nothing like the wand we saw at E3 and today’s event.

But we leave the keynote speech with no new information to report, which is somewhat of a disappointment.