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Square Enix reveal yet another countdown site

Submitted by on Friday, 31 July 20095 Comments

Square EnixBrought to our attention by our good friends over at PS3 Center, it appears that Square Enix are at it again.

Just like the Count from Sesame Street, the Japanese developer’s addiction to counting shows no abatement with yet another page depicting an ever decreasing clock found clicking away over at the studio’s official site.

What could it be? We have some theories.

The big glowing “VII” obviously suggests the insanely popular seventh outing of the Final Fantasy series but would Square Enix really be that obvious? PS3 Center posit that this could in fact be a sequel to Vagrant Story, Yasumi Matsuno’s seminal RPG classic from 2000. If it is – you’re in for a treat.

Or could the site be related to the recent Gamefly listing of Star Ocean for the PS3? Square Enix have since come out and said the listing was “an error” but then went on to stir the pot a little by mentioning to Kotaku how they “[…] cannot comment on a PS3 release at this time.”

Hardly the stock “the game is an exclusive etc. etc.” line we’ve come to expect.

We doubt it’s Star Ocean as the site’s imagery just doesn’t seem to fit. We’re going for the boring option and think it’s something to do with Final Fantasy VII. We could be wrong of course but let us know what you think in the comments below.

We’re sure to find out on August 8th when the countdown reaches zero.