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Stan Lee to appear in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 July 2009One Comment

Stan Lee Popping up in pretty much every Marvel movie since 2000’s X-Men in a cameo capacity (though we missed him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), catching Stan “The Man” Lee’s appearance in the film versions of properties he was so instrumental in creating has almost become part of going to see a Marvel super-hero movie.

Not content to reserve his appearances to celluloid, Stan is now about to take the next logical media step with the announcement today that the enigmatic Marvel maven will make his videogame debut (also as a cameo) in Activision’s Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

Described as taking on a role that is “central to the plot of the story” we’re chuffed to hear Stan will be immortalised once again and this time through the medium of gaming.

No one can exude excitement and genuine enthusiasm like Stan can so we’ll let the legend himself express just how happy he is about his new endeavor:

“I am thrilled to be making my first onscreen videogame cameo in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. It’s such a kick to see characters that I’ve helped create come to life in the game and now I’m a part of the Marvel videogame universe!”

We’ve always had a soft-spot for Stan and we hope he enjoyed his time lending his voice to the upcoming game. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 hits stores this fall.