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Stare in wonder and awe at the new Katamari Tribute trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 17 July 20092 Comments

Katamari Forever shirt 2That’s exactly what you’ll be doing because the thing is in Japanese! From what we saw, it looks like the game will be in 1080p, have multiplayer, and possibly co-op. We also saw a “30” thrown in among the Japanese characters which just so happens to be the amount of levels in the game.

The trailer follows in the wackiness that is associated with the Katamari franchise so this doesn’t really come as a surprise to us. What does though, are the sweet new Home digs that Japanese players will get…

Katamari Forever shirt

In addition to a fancy Katamari themed shirt, Home owners will be able to have their personal Prince on their shoulder. Doesn’t your heart just melt? As a matter of fact, ours burn with a white hot rage in hope that this will make it to other territories.

For now, just sit back and watch the trailer that features the son of the teacher from Charlie Brown. Oh, and if you know Japanese, you’re one step ahead of us already. Still, whether you call the game Katamari Tribute or Katamari Forever, the King of All Cosmos will love you just the same.