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The Reel Deal – 3rd July 09; Uncharted film predictions, Uwe Boll, and more

Submitted by on Friday, 3 July 2009No Comment

The Reel DealIn today’s world of entertainment, movies and video games go hand in hand like milk and cookies. That’s why we would like to introduce to you a new feature entitled, “The Reel Deal.” We’ll bring together the latest and greatest news that bridge the gap between our favorite video games and films.

Today we’ll discuss the latest news regarding the Uncharted film, what Uwe Boll said about Alone in the Dark 5, and look at the release of films and their video game adaptations…

So the big news in the movie biz is the announcement of an Uncharted film. Immediately the internet was ablaze with suggestions as to who would be the perfect Nathan Drake. Naturally, we have our own opinions as to should sport the treasure hunter personality. Oh, and don’t expect to hear the usual choices of Nathan Fillion and Nolan North, who actually voices Nate himself in the game. No, we’ve done our research and here are our top choices.

First on the list is funny man Bradley Cooper. Aside from fitting the look of Drake, and yes, he does, Cooper could easily pull off his personality. Even though he is more notable for his comedic roles, Cooper can be serious when necessary. He’s proven this with roles like He’s Just Not That Into You, but more importantly is his upcoming role as Face in The A Team. This will definitely show his action/adventure side and with the rumors of him being in the Green Lantern film, then that’s even more of a reason to see him as Nathan.

Another person on our list of hopefuls is Matthew Fox. Most of you probably know him as Jack Sheppard on the hit show LOST or from his lesser role, Racer X, in Speed Racer. LOST is only scheduled for one more season so what is Fox going to do after that? According to IMDB, absolutely nothing. Traveling to tropical islands seems to be right up his alley too. It would be a rather smooth transition as all he would have to do is grow his hair out a little, which from the picture below, is absolutely possible.

Uncharted Film Predictions

The resemblance is uncanny…

So there you have it, those are our top two contenders for the role of Nathan Drake. We believe they are good enough to fit the role. We’ll be sure to come back here and say we told you so once they announce who is chosen.

In other news of games making it to the big screen, Universal has acquired the rights to make a film based off of Asteroids. Yes, you heard correctly, Asteroids. To quote Peter Oberth, “In “Asteroids,” initially released as an arcade game in 1979, a player controlled a triangular space ship in an asteroid field. The object was to shoot and destroy the hulking masses of rock and the occasional flying saucer while avoiding smashing into both.” Sounds like the perfect idea for a film, doesn’t it?

Now of course, any movie, say like Armageddon, that features a giant asteroid heading to Earth could be considered based on the popular game but only now will it be considered official. Details are scarce but Matthew Lopez is the script writer with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing. Only time will tell if the movie will be a hit or fail like all of Uwe Boll’s horrible film adaptations. Speaking of Uwe Boll…

In a recent interview, the crazed director/producer stated that Alone in the Dark 5 was originally planned to be based off of his film. Yes, Atari had planned, and supposedly developed, a game based on a film that won Worst Picture, Worst Director, and Worst Special Effects of 2005. They probably realized who directed the movie and put an end to any affiliation whatsoever with Boll. The good news? Boll plans on making a sequel to his film based on the actual Alone in the Dark 5.

Uwe Boll

Any ideas as to why there is a duck in a jester hat next to him?

Enough with the films, let’s talk about the video games. First off, a quick question. How would you like to control your own spaceship while waiting for the feature film to begin? It turns out, O2 has developed just that. Starting July 10th, UK movie goers will be able to experience their own interactive space trip through an asteroid field. Audiences will use their hands to steer the spaceship via two infra-red cameras mounted in the ceiling. If you end up seeing Ice Age 3D or Toy Story 3D at a VUE theater in London, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester or Birmingham then you might get to play the game. Be sure to come back and tell us of your experience when you do.

Now while this next game isn’t for the PS3, it does focus around the whole cheesy B-horror film genre. Obscure: The Aftermath for PSP revolves around the themes of sex, drugs, and alcohol. After seeing a play though of the game at E3 you can easily spot references to the horror films well love to hate. It’s references like  going to check out a noise in a dark room alone, even though you know something’s in there, or the cast of characters that included the nerd, the jock, the hot, yet dumb, blonde, and everyone else. Good thing is, this doesn’t play out like a horrible horror film, because you don’t have make those stupid decisions like in the movies, unless you want to of course. It’s more hilarious than anything. Obscure: The Aftermath comes out in September, just in time for hit horrors such as Sorority Row and Pandorum.

Save the girl, save the world

Save the cheerleader, save the world

As far as releases go for this week, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is the only one to have a video game adaptation released as well. The game was released June 30th with the film coming out today. Players will be able to control Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat, Scratte and Buck as you take on or run away from dangerous dinosaurs, roll an egg to safety, chase for your beloved acorn, and explore caves and jungles. Will it follow along the lines of most video game adaptations and fail or will it actually become a hit. I guess we’ll find out soon enough but if history tells us anything, it’ll probably be the former.

So concludes this week’s Reel Deal. Stay tuned for more news from the wacky world of video games and their horrible film adaptations and vice versa. Oh, and there will be plenty more of Uwe Boll, you can count on that.